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/ 12 Aug 2020
There's never been a more important time to buy local and support Victorians from the safety and comfort of home. Learn about some the best fresh Victorian local produce and artisan products included in your #ClickforVic kit.

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Under the lid of your #ClickforVic kit

Mork Campfire Kit

Maker: Mork Chocolate
Address: 150 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051
Instagram: @morkchocolate

Mork Campfire Kit: the DIY Campfire kit has all the elements you need; 70% hot chocolate; cherry wood smoke infusion; charcoal salt; smoked toffee; chocolate whisk; house made marshmallows* with skewers – all complete with a custom-made beeswax candle from locals Melbourne Rooftop Honey for you to toast those marshmallows to caramelised perfection over. Whether you’re taking it with you on your next camping adventure or recreating your own campfire memories at home, this pack gives you all the elements for a truly unique hot chocolate experience.

About Mork Chocolate: Mörk Chocolate are makers of specialty, ethically sourced hot chocolate in Melbourne. Inspired by Melbourne’s coffee culture, which is considered by many to be the best in the world, they have made it their mission to bring specialty hot chocolate onto the scene. The first Mörk hot chocolate blend was first made in 2012, using the same approach taken by specialty coffee-makers; with respect for the traceability, quality and unique origin of ingredients all the way from bean to cup. That’s what makes Mörk different from the drinking chocolate you find in supermarkets today. You can find it online or taste it in person at the Mörk Chocolate Brew House, the cafe and on-site cacao roasting facility in North Melbourne, where they serve their specialty hot chocolate blends to loyal locals and everyday chocolate enthusiasts alike.

Rose Geranium Soy Candle

Maker: Salus Body
Instagram: @salusbody

Rose Geranium Soy Candle: an uplifting blend of sharp and zesty notes to energise the senses and rebalance the spirit. Hand poured in natural soy with essential oils of relaxing rose geranium, calming lavender and soothing cedarwood.  Key Ingredients: Rose Geranium / Cedarwood / Soy WaxBottom of Form. 60 hour burn.

About Salus Body: The Salus range of home spa products has been developed to help you relax and enjoy experiences that calm the mind and nourish the body. Their spa collection with high performance formulations are therapeutically active has been created to help you stop and reconnect to the natural rhythms of life. Made in Australia with powerful botanicals that work to reduce premature aging, natural plant extracts that assist with increasing hydration and 100% pure essential oils that create the optimum in health and wellbeing.

Phillip Island Winery Pinot Noir Reserve / The Bill Henry

Maker: Phillip Island Winery
Address: 414 Berrys Beach Rd, Ventnor VIC 3922
Instagram: @phillipislandwinery

Pinot Noir Reserve/The Bill Henry: a lovely early-drinking style of Pinot Noir. Much like its name-sake, this Pinot is a little workhorse, as solid and as honest as the day is long. Tasting notes: Sourced here in Gippsland, this Pinot Noir shows lively acidity balanced with good fruit and a little oak. Summer fruit notes on the nose and palate.

About Phillip Island Winery: This winery is what happens when three groups of friends want to do a winery a little differently and find the perfect spot to make it happen. Aside from food and wine (and cider), we have our cellar door for tastings, “The Yards” that sells some of our favourite things and famous flowers, events and always something going on. Basically, all you need to know about us we’re more than happy to tell you in person – we find over a few drinks is best.

Teddy & The Fox Gin

Maker: Bellarine Distillery
Address: 85 Scotchmans Rd, Bellarine, VIC 3223
Instagram: @thewhiskery

Teddy & The Fox Gin: Small batched and handcrafted on the Bellarine. The Gin itself is an aromatic blend of 6 botanicals, juniper, coriander, orange, lemon myrtle, orris root and star anise. It has strong citrus characteristics with orange and lemon Myrtle coming to the fore. It is highly regarded as a sipping gin but also makes a great G & T. We recommend using a light Tonic such as Fevertree’s Naturally Light. Garnish with a slice of orange - preferably organic or a slice of lemon with a sprig of rosemary.

About Bellarine Distillery: The distillery was established in 2015 by Russ Watson & Lorelle Warren and is the first Distillery on the Bellarine Peninsula and the first in the great Geelong region since the 1980’s. The idea originated, as most great ideas do, after a couple of alcoholic beverages. Having visited Scotland in 2012, bearing witness to the romance of the highlands, the concept of starting our own distillery seemed like a good idea. It took 6 years for the delivery of our first still “Ronald” and to open the cellar door to the public.

Creswick Woollen Mill Socks

Maker: Creswick Woollen Mill
Address: Railway Parade, Creswick, VIC, 3363
Instagram: @creswickwool

Socks: socks can easily be overlooked when you’re putting together the perfect outfit, but your toes will be able to tell the difference when you choose a luxurious pair of wool socks from Creswick. The effortless elegance of a fine knit means you might want to show these socks off rather than hiding them under your shoes. Designed to suit the Australian lifestyle, the natural fibres of our merino wool, alpaca or bamboo socks are known for their exceptional qualities – they are soft, durable and breathable, plus the unique natural fabrics draws moisture away from the skin, so while you’re keeping your feet warm, they’ll also be staying dry and comfortable.

About Creswick Woollen Mill: located in Creswick, approximately 120km outside Melbourne, we are one of the largest private employers in the region and the only coloured woollen spinning mill of our kind in Australia. Throughout our history we have built a reputation for superior quality and innovation, making products that are uniquely Australian – designed in Australia to suit Australian conditions. Creswick Woollen Mills has become a household name both in Australia and globally. Visit the Mill and experience the award-winning interactive exhibition ‘A Very Fine Yarn’. This exhibit will take you through the history of the Mill and teach you about the journey of our natural fibres – from the source, through the manufacturing process and onto the shop floor.

Artist Wash & Cream Twin Set

Maker: Olieve & Olie
Address: 7/16-18 Henry Wilson Dr, Rosebud, VIC 3939
Instagram: @olieveandolie

Artist Wash & Cream Twin Set: This collaboration with local Artist and freind, Lizzie Alsop, is something Olieve & Olie have been dreaming of for a long time. We hope you love it as much as we do. Available in two fragrances “Lavender & Rose Geranium” and “Wild Lemon Myrtle”. Each pack comes with a 200ml hand & body wash and a 200ml hand & body cream.

About Olieve & Olie: A family owned and operated business creating olive oil based body products in Rosebud. Founded in 2000, the store initially created a soap range but has now expanded to the production superior quality hand and body cream, shaving gel, salt scrub, lip balm and more. They offer workshops and have a small shop at the factory for visitors to find and try their products.

Lavender Pillow

Maker: Warratina Lavendar Farm
Address: 105 Quayle Rd, Wandin North VIC 3139
Instagram: @warratinelavenderfarm

Lavender Pillow: this lavender pillow, made from poplin with a piped edge, is filled with Warratina’s own grown and dried lavender and made here on the farm. It can be a great help for those suffering from insomnia. Place on or under your pillow. The weight of your head on the pillow will release the relaxing aroma of lavender which is known to induce sleep. Do not wash. Available in Mauve or Calico, the pillow is 18 x 18 cms.

About Warratina Lavendar Farm: located in Yarra Valley at the foothills of Mt Dandenong, a 1-hr drive from Melbourne, a small plot of lavender was planted in 1991, on land which had once been a cherry orchard. Over the years the farm gradually expanded & now has over 10,000 lavender plants and is visited and much loved by tourists from around the world. The lavender grown on the farm is harvested annually between Nov-Jan, early morning, by hand, using a traditional sickle. The harvested bunches are then taken to the Drying Shed where they are hung to dry before being stripped on a machine. The stripped lavender is sifted three times to remove any unwanted leaves, sticks and dust. Harvest is a very busy and exciting time to visit the farm as you get to see the whole process in action. Our dried lavender is used in cooking, as decoration, and in household and beauty products.

Bushfood Spice Pack

Maker: Saltbush Kitchen
Address: Commercial St, Buninyong VIC 3357
Instagram: @saltbushkitchen

Bushfood Spice Pack:a gorgeous little bushfood gift pack. With 2 native Australian bushfood spices and spice information all wrapped up in a spunky Australian gift box. Perfect for teachers, friends and KK's. Please note the spice varieties will change depending on availability.

About Saltbush Kitchen: the first foodies, farmers and producers of Buninyong were the Wadawurrung People whose association with this region dates back thousands of years. Their connection with and dispossession of their land is acknowledged. At Saltbush Kitchen we pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging. This will always be Aboriginal land. Australia offers some of the most beautiful flavours on earth. Every day enjoying our wattleseed and sharing our strawberry-gum offers a gentle and meaningful salute to the warriors and legends of Aboriginal Australia. They have unveiled these flavours and continue to show us the priority and importance of connection, connection to people, to culture and to the land. It is this connection that fuels Saltbush Kitchen.

Chocolate Favourites Pack

Maker: Platypi Chocolate
Address: 73 Grant St, Forrest VIC 3236
Instagram: @platypichocolate

Chocolate Favourites Pack: there is something for everyone in this favourites pack. It’s a little on the wild side with four echidnas and five different frogs, milk, dark, white, ruby and gold (caramel). Platypi Chocolate is renowned for our hot chocolates and this pack includes three different bombs to have at home, one each of milk, dark and hazelnut. A pack of 5 speckles rounds out a delicious selection.

About Platypi Chocolate: did you know that the platypus has six senses? At Platypi Chocolate we aim to excite all five of yours! Taste our fantastic country menu and artisan chocolates, visually feast on the Otway bush scenery, smell the fresh country air, listen to the quiet while cradling a fabulous hot chocolate. Platypi Chocolate uses their own herb garden and the orchards around to create fresh seasonal flavours. Located in Forrest on the road to Apollo Bay and the Great Ocean Road, Platypi Chocolate is a great place to break a trip, finish a walk or ride or start a leisurely day. Open 10am to 5pm daily, there is plenty of time to sit, relax and indulge your senses.

Grampians Olive Co Entertainment Hamper

Maker: Grampians Olive Co
Address: 376 Olive Plantation Rd, Laharum VIC 3401
Instagram: @grampiansoliveco

Entertainment Hamper: has everything you need when entertaining friends, gift box contents:

1 x 100ml lemon pressed agrumato extra virgin olive oil
1 x 100ml golden orange caramelised balsamic vinegar
1 x 300g verdale organic olives
1 x 100g dukkah
1x porcelain dipping/serving dish
Brochure including serving ideas

About Grampians Olive Co.: home to the historic ‘Toscana’ Olive Plantation. Established in 1943 by immigrant farmer Jacob Friedman under the Grampian Olive Plantations Co., our grove was one of the first and largest groves in Australia at the time. The grove was renamed "Toscana" in the early 1960s - honouring Italian involvement in the grove’s establishment and similarity in climate and scenery to the Toscana (Tuscany) region in Italy. Over the past 70 years our grove has established a reputation for producing Australia's best organic extra virgin olive oil and is the choice of some of Australia's top chefs and restaurants. Today we are still 100% Australian family owned, run by two generations of the Mathews; Andrew and Susan and son Greg. In 2015 we wanted to better reflect the beauty of the unique Grampians location in which our products are grown and produced.

Sleep Mist

Maker: Rich Glen Olive Estate
Address: Shop 3/137 Belmore St, Yarrawonga VIC 3730
Instagram: @richglenolives

Sleep Mist: Feeling restless? Lightly spray your pillow to help your mind unwind leaving you refreshed and bright for the day ahead. Ingredients: Purified water, Rich Glen blend of essential oils of lavender (French), chamomile, mandarin, wintergreen, and frankincense. Shake well before use. Warning: Not to be sprayed directly onto the face and avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

About Rich Glen Olive Estate: a farmgate experience like no other. The Vodusek family and their passionate team make over 100 gourmet food and skincare products all proudly created on the farm. Enjoy delicious complimentary product tastings and unwind in the gardens with a scrumptious platter from the provedore or a barista-made coffee and homemade passionfruit sponge. It’s not all about the food and the drinks though the luscious gardens can take up hours of your time as you stroll through the vegetable maze and explore the wondrous plants and eclectic installations. There is plenty to do for the kids (or young at heart) with traditional games such as hopscotch, maypole, naughts and crosses, chess and badminton. There are even farm animals’ onsite to pat and connect with. There is always something new to discover at Rich Glen Olive Estate. 

Original Sin Snakebite – limited edition

Maker: Sailors Grave Brewing
Address: 7 Forest Rd, Orbost VIC, 3888
Instagram: @sailorsgravebrewing

Original Sin Snakebite: a 50/50 split of beer and apple juice that has undergone a wild fermentation. Original Sin is a collaboration with fellow Gippslandians Gurneys Cider and is a blend of heritage apples Mustu, Strumer Pippin, foraged wild apples and Gippsland grown grain.

About Sailors Grave Brewing: a treacherous cove at Cape Conran is the inspiration for the name and the spirit of Sailor’s Grave, brews inspired by the ocean and rural living. A sea change and love for beer prompted Chris and Gab Moore to assemble East Gippsland’s newest brewery in the abandoned 1893 Orbost Butter and Produce factory – not far from where Gabs grew up. The pair live with their two children on a family farm at Point Ricardo on the coast, and source buckets of inspiration from their surroundings. Their beers are shaped by the ever-present coastal elements that dominate life here and rooted in the farms and plains where the Snowy River meets the sea. Sailor’s Grave will make the most of the bountiful land around where they live and work, by incorporating Indigenous botanicals picked in the bush, salt, weed and sea life harvested from river and ocean, fruits, grains and produce from local farms and orchards and wild yeasts from their backyard.


Maker: Walkabout Apiaries
Address: 1531 Snow Road, Milawa VIC, 3678
Instagram: @walkaboutapiaries

Blooy Good Honey: Produced by our bees in the Victorian High Country, this honey is rich, sweet and scrumptious. Put simply – Bloody Good Honey.

Blue Gum Honey: Victorian Blue Gums produce a special honey. Super tasty for that breakfast that needs a flavourful boost. Try a spoonful on your porridge, muesli or in your morning cuppa.

Iron Bark Honey: Light and sweet, a simple treat to have in your smoothie, tea or by the spoon.  This honey comes from the woodland Ironbark forests of North East Victoria. This variety crystallises readily and is sought after for its soft texture. If you prefer runny honey simply warm your jar in hot water until your ironbark honey is liquid.

About Walkabout Apiaries: the team at Walkabout Apiaries take their bees to many natural locations in the North East High Country. They travel seasonally all over the region with the bees, visiting forests of flowering native trees to help the bees produce great tasting range of natural honey. At the Milawa farm gate shop you can try the range of delicious local honey, taste the range of Whitehead's Mead and check out different of Ivy & Vanda natural beeswax candles, beeswax wax food wraps and other bee related things. Drop in for a chat and learn about our bees, where they are in the landscape and what they are up to.

Hydra-Gel Hand Sanitiser

Maker: Grown Alchemist
Instagram: @grownalchemist

Hand sanitiser: A non-drying, antiseptic gel hand sanitiser formulated with 70% Ethyl Alcohol extracted from Cane Sugars, with Hyaluronan and Antioxidants to instantly sanitise while hydrating and protecting the hands from being stripped of moisture, safeguarding against premature aging.

About Grown Alchemist: Founded by Australian brothers Keston and Jeremy Muijs, Grown Alchemist uses organic ingredients specifically selected for their high count of antioxidants and vitamins. The range of anti-aging skin and bodycare is informed by the duo’s thorough knowledge of cell renewal and will drastically improve skin texture.

This content can be shared and edited for the purpose of promoting Victoria as a visitor destination. Not for use in paid advertising. Please credit Visit Victoria.


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