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Why Santa Claus loves Melbourne

/ 30 Nov 2016
A big man with a big heart, Santa Claus is a well travelled gentleman. He can take his pick of any holiday destination but chooses to come to Melbourne for Christmas every year.

So Santa, tell us why you love Christmas in Melbourne –  The city always looks beautiful and I’m not just talking about Town Hall light projections  and Myer windows. Melbourne has some of the loveliest parks and gardens to rest the weary reindeers. Of course for those who don’t own a toy factory, the shopping is also tip-top, the art galleries are world-class. When we swoop over Melbourne there is always frivolity abound, and, ahem, lots of holiday cheer taking place in the rooftop bars.

Wow – you are an arts and culture vulture, wouldn’t have guessed that, but you are pretty theatrical with your whole get up, love of decorations and lighting, mode of transport etc..  Yes Mrs Claus had me join a community theatre a few years ago and I have never looked back. I love a good musical and I see Melbourne even has a new Musical Theatre Festival – oh ho ho. Of course I have also made a bit of a name for myself in the movies – needed the extra income to keep Mrs Claus in the latest faux-fur fashions – so it’s lovely to see some of the old favourites appearing at the new outdoor cinemas around town.

Yes it is, and when you make your drops in Melbourne, is there any food in particular you’d like the kids to leave out for you? – I’m a big traveller as you know, ho ho, but I love Melbourne food. It means I can have Italian for breakfast, Mexican for lunch and Thai for dinner without having to board the sleigh once. I love eating at Vue De Monde as it’s easy to land on the roof, same as dining along Southbank with the heli pads opposite Crown, but I am a man of simple tastes, and the aroma of the sausages sizzling on all the barbecues around town does get the old tummy rumbling. A barbecue sausage with a nice glass of award-winning Sangiovese from Pizzini would be just grand. Or a croissant from Lune (they let me skip the queues) and a proper chai latte – depending on how the schedule is running. Don’t forget the carrots for Rudolph from Queen Victoria Market!

Tell us about your favourite regions to visit when you are here –  there is simply no match to soaring over alpine Victoria in the sleigh – well the Swiss Alps are ok too – but I like to swoop down and pick up some craft beer and a plate of gnocchi to keep the energy up at this point. I’ve actually a special surprise from the workshop for Mrs Claus this year, a tandem bicycle to ride on some of those bike trails and work off all those croissants. Santa on a bike, ho ho ho that’ll be a first. The wee elves love to stop in at Phillip Island and say hello the wee penguins – you know they speak penguin too! Very clever little elves. The reindeers also seem to slow down when we get to Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula – it’s that kind of place and Geelong is really giving Melbourne a run for its money with the Christmas decorations! Ho ho!

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