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Backyard BBQ

/ 12 Nov 2020
It’s the perfect time to take meals al fresco and enjoy the beautiful weather with outdoor BBQ's.

Think outside the box and try alternative condiments, condiment mash-ups, or condiment staples.

1. Red Gum BBQ, Red Gum Gold:

This sweet and tangy mustard BBQ sauce is unique to South Carolina. Mustard was a favoured accompaniment to meat by many a German settler whom immigrated to the region and it is believed that this is how this distinctive Gold sauce developed. It is perfect for any BBQ meat but is traditionally served with pork.

2. Lee Ho Fook Spiced Red Vinegar Sauce:

Made for Le Ho Fook’s popular signature eggplant dish, this sauce pairs perfectly with all things crispy and is vegan friendly.

3. Rice Paper Scissors Mekhong BBQ:

The famous Mekhong whiskey inspired BBQ sauce, usually served on Rice Paper Scissors lamb ribs. Branch out from ribs and consider dressing other meats needing a sweet and salty kick that will be remembered with it.

4. Gewurzhaus Melbourne Meat Rub:

This Southern-style meat rub comprised of rescued imperfect coffee beans from Melbourne’s best roasters. Combined with activated charcoal, smoky chipotle chilli and earthy cocoa to the end result is a blend that packs a rich, deep and satisfying punch Use it as a dry rub on chicken drumsticks, lamb cutlets or a prime steak, make a wet rub with honey for sticky pork ribs or flavour a beef brisket.

5. Entrecôte Secret Herb Butter Sauce:

Everyone's favourite green butter sauce from Melbourne's iconic Entrecôte! A closely regarded secret for years, and now available to smother over anything and everything. Try it over a freshly grilled steak or serve with hot chips or grilled veggies.

6. Morningswood Farm Organic Raspberry Vinegar:

Made locally in Daylesford using fresh organic raspberries. This vibrant vinegar is the perfect addition to a fresh salad, just add some honey and olive oil for a memorable dish.

7. South Salt Natural Sea Salt Flakes:

The first traditionally produced natural sea salt flakes using seawater from The Great Ocean Road. The flakes vary in size and texture and crumble easily between the fingers. They are ideal for not just for BBQ’s but also roasting and baking.

8. The Fermentary, Sauerkraut:

The classic kraut combination of cabbages, caraway seeds and sea salt are wild fermented in dark barrels resulting in fresh, nutty flavours. It pairs well with avocado, crackers and cheese, salads, sausages cooked on the BBQ or add it to a Rueben sandwich.

9. Red Rock Olives Chilli Infused Olive Oil:

For the chilli lovers that can’t get enough, this chilli infused olive oil is a great way to add an extra punch to everything from meat and veggie burgers to potato grilled on the BBQ or folded through a salad.

10. Tuck Shop Take Away, Tomato Sauce:

Tuck Shop Takeaway's housemade tomato sauce made from fresh tomatoes, tomato paste, sugar, apple cider vinegar, white wine vinegar, sea salt & onion powder,  is perfect to use on burgers and fries.

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